Help / FAQ

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Why can’t I hear my alarms? ??

Alarms do not sound if the Ring/Silent switch is in Silent mode or if Do Not Disturb is turned on. Flip the Ring/Silent switch to Ring mode and turn off Do Not Disturb to hear your alarms. The Ring/Silent switch is on the left side of your iPhone. Make sure you’ve allowed notifications in iPhone Settings > Notifications > WakeUpHappy. We hope Apple improves this notification issue in a future iOS.

I didn’t see a happy memory when I turned off my alarm. How come? ??

Remember to quit WakeUpHappy with the Home button before going to sleep. A random memory from your happy journal will appear after turning off your first morning alarm (not every alarm). Slide the notification right to turn it off and wake up happy :)

How do I set the alert volume? ?

Open iPhone Settings > Sounds to set your preferred Alert Volume. We suggest you turn off Change with Buttons.

How do I share a post? ??

Tap any photo in your happy journal and follow the instructions to share a post. To share who made you happy, slide the post left and tap the share icon.

Is my happy journal private? ?

Yes, only you can see what you post. You can also share single posts with friends.

Why don’t I hear anything when I tap the sound icon next to my alarm? ?

Tapping the sound icon only lets you toggle between your favorite sounds. Set your 3 favorite sounds in Settings > Alarm Sounds. Your top choice is your default sound.

Can I change the time interval for setting alarms? ⌛️

The default setting is 10 minutes, but you can choose the interval that works best for you in App Settings > Time Interval. Remember that you can slide an alarm to any minute.

How do I snooze? ?

If you’re a snoozer, choose a time interval (explained above) that matches your snooze preference. Simply add two or more alarms if it makes your mornings better. Happy snoozing!

Can I add a label to my alarm? ✏️

Yes, just tap the ‘Alarm’ label next to the alarm countdown to rename and write a short (and sweet) note to yourself. Or throw in your favorite emojis.

Can I set a reminder to write and post a photo? ?

Yes, simply set an alarm for whenever you would like a reminder. You can change the label for your reminder by tapping the ‘Alarm’ label (explained above).

How do I repeat alarms for different days? ?

Turn on Weekdays in App Settings > Weekdays to repeat alarms for different days. Now you can slide your alarm left and tap the copy icon. You’ll see what happens :)

What’s the round arrow icon next to my alarm? ?

This is the repeat alarm icon. Tap the icon or tap your alarm to turn repeat on and off. Repeat off means the alarm will disappear from your list after you turn it off. Choose your default setting in App Settings > Repeat.

Can I use Siri with WakeUpHappy? ?

Yes, ask Siri to “open WakeUpHappy”. Record your happy memories using dictation instead of typing. Just tap the microphone icon next to the space bar to start dictating. Siri and dictation must be enabled for this to work.

How much is donated to charity? ?

For every Pro upgrade we donate between 10% and 40% of the price you pay to charity. Note that Apple also takes a 30% cut of the sales price, which means that our revenue is between 30% and 60% of the price you pay. For example, if you pay $2.99 — 90 cents goes to charity (30%), 90 cents goes to Apple (30%) and $1.19 goes to us (40%). We use the money to improve your WakeUpHappy experience and to inspire happiness through our @justwakeuphappy interviews.

I’m on Android. What about me? ?

We aim to share WakeUpHappy for Android with the world as soon as possible. Happiness is for everyone, so scroll to the bottom of our homepage and sign up now.

How do I help improve WakeUpHappy? ??

How can we make the app better for you? We value honest feedback and we’d love to hear from you. Share your experience and help us improve WakeUpHappy for everyone. Email your thoughts to

Why isn’t WakeUpHappy available in my language? ?

We’re looking for people to help us translate WakeUpHappy to Japanese, Korean, Chinese, German, French, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian and Dutch. If you'd like to help out please email us at

Where can I learn more about happiness? ?

Visit our Science page to learn about the science of happiness.  

Wake up happy! ?

We’ll surprise you with a random happy memory when you wake up. Take a minute to bring happiness into the present moment and start your day with positivity, gratitude and love. Because one positive thought in the morning can change your whole day.